Ballet Flats

          • We encourage you to purchase and wear white flat ballet slippers. Please sew on elastic straps in order that they stay on during the Presentation. Please no open toe or peep toe shoes.


          • Long white fabric gloves are worn above the elbow (a minimum of 2″, but not to exceed 3″). Gloves are available at many of the bridal shops and online stores. If gloves have wrist buttons, please ensure they are securely attached.

Hem Lenghth

          • We suggest that the gown is hemmed to touch the tops of the shoes.  It is important to wear the same shoes to the fitting that will be worn the night of the Ball.


          • Jewelry is optional.  

            • Necklace:  Small pearl strand or small pendant.  

            • Earrings:  Small studs or small pearl buttons.  No drop earrings please.

          • We ask that visible tattoos and body piercings be concealed for the Ball.



          • We ask that jeweled ornaments and flowers NOT be incorporated into hairstyles.

          • Unnatural hair color is prohibited at the Ball and in formal photography used in the Ball Program. 

          • Hair should be styled so it does not cover the face during the curtsy.


          • Evening/photography make-up is appropriate.

          • Please refrain from extreme and artistic make-up.