• To avoid duplication, please request approval from Emily Calihan at or 602-920-5316 PRIOR to purchasing or ordering your dress. 

        • The gown must be PURE WHITE, including beading, sashes and all embellishments.

        • The gown is to be FLOOR LENGTH with a full skirt to allow for a petticoat to fit underneath the dress.  No trains, please.

        • STRAPS are required for all gowns and should be tasteful in size. Necklines and backlines of the dress should be age appropriate for a formal occasion.

        • Most gowns require a full PETTICOAT, which can be purchased with the gown or online. If your petticoat is separate from your dress, please make sure it is steamed or pressed and hanging prior to the night of the Ball.

        • Please be sure the gown allows for elbow length GLOVES.

        • The gown should be hemmed to accommodate the recommended ballet flat shoes.

        • All embellishment, including beading, lace, straps, appliques, ribbons, buttons, pearls, medallions, etc., must be pure white or clear. Please make sure that only white or clear thread is used, not silver.

        • Allow a minimum of eight (8) to twelve (12) weeks for special order gowns.

See Gown Registration form above for details.